TISOH 10th Anniversary Gala

I remember my first phone conversation with Tim Lam, Executive Director of TISOH, The International School of Hospitality, like it was yesterday. I had worked at the Mandalay Bay wedding chapel several years prior and had already graduated with a hotel degree from UNLV, but was seeking more specific education on how to open up a wedding planning business. Tim was so warm and inviting and hospitable! I immediately enrolled and attended the Wedding Coordination & Design course in 2006 in their temporary classroom at UNLV while the TISOH building was under construction. I still can’t believe it’s been 9 years!

As I was taking the course, I was also developing my wedding planning business. Looking back, that was probably my craziest idea but I had a supportive entrepreneurial minded husband who guided me and didn’t allow me to fail.

Fast forward 9 years and Green Orchid Events would not be where we are today without TISOH. I am forever grateful because the school allowed me to make connections, build relationships, and gain the confidence I needed to actually run a business.Through TISOH, I also met Angelica while setting up for a wedding. Shortly after, I decided to see if she would be interested in planning weddings with me. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Last week, we celebrated the 10th year anniversary of TISOH with a formal gala at the Bellagio. They selected a graduate as the “Distinguished Graduate” for each year and I was selected for the 2006 year!! I am truly honored to receive this award and had such a wonderful time celebrating with friends and industry colleagues. Congratulations to TISOH on 10 wonderful years. Cheers to many, many more!!



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floral-arrangement-gala gala-honorees-tisoh-10-year gold-beaded-charger-menu juliet-douglas-green-orchid-events marcus-lam-tim-lam-donnell-bayot tisoh-10-year-distinguished-graduate tisoh-10-year-gala tisoh-distinguished-graduate-juliet-douglas tisoh-distinguished-graduates-honorees tisoh-distinguished-graduate-trophies tisoh-gala-bellagio tisoh-gala-bellagio-floral-centerpiece tisoh-gala-bellagio-gold-sequin-linen tisoh-gala-menu TISOH-stage
Photos by Jenna Dosch Photography

Decor: MGM Resorts Event Productions
Linen: Creative Coverings

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