Valentine’s Day Wedding Inspiration

I am so lucky that my job title is pretty much summed up as “celebrating love”. Being a wedding planner LOVE is what keeps us in business. During the planning process we will dwell on questions such as “what type of food do you love, what type of floral do you love, what colors do you love?”. See, it all boils down to love! Enjoy your day whether that be with your friends, family, significant other, fur babies, or simply yourself and some Netflix!

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Photo Credit from Left to Right:
1. Pink and Gold Macarons: Josephine and Jaime Weddings
2. LOVE Letters: Jove Meyer Events
3. Floral Centerpiece: Annabella Charles
4. Wedding Invitation Suite: Paper Bow London
5. Arrow Wedding Cake: Heather Saunders Photography
6. Heart Wreath:
7. Jimmy Choo Burgundy High Heels: Jimmy Choo

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