Vendor Spotlight: Peridot Sweets

Tiffany Jones is the owner of Peridot Sweets (pronounced “pear-ri-dough” after her birth stone) and she and I have known each other for over 6 years now.  We worked together at the Four Seasons Hotel here in Las Vegas many … Continue reading

Wedding Word Wednesday: Buttercream

Buttercream:  A classic icing that can be used as filling and finishing cakes.  Most professional kitchens use a meringue-based buttercream, which gives it a silky texture.  It is best enjoyed at room temperature due to the high butter content (since … Continue reading

Wedding Word Wednesday: Fondant

Today’s word is Fondant:  A pliable, dough-like icing used to decorate wedding cakes.  It provides a smooth finish and is irreplaceable in creating the cleanest, most modern of looks.  Because of it’s consistency, fondant can be used to create edible … Continue reading

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