Signature Beer at Receptions

I have tried to acquire a taste for beer for awhile and with no such luck, I am still a cocktail kind of girl. I was intrigued though while skimming through the latest Catersource Magazine to see that beer is becoming quite … Continue reading

Brunch Weddings

I love brunch. And, I would love to plan a brunch wedding. We’ve planned a sunrise wedding before which was one of the coolest experiences ever for me. We’ve planned an afternoon wedding with a luncheon. But, we haven’t planned … Continue reading

SnöBar: Alcohol Infused Gourmet Ice Cream & Ice-Pops

With temperatures exceeding 110 degrees fahrenheit right now in Las Vegas, cooling off with ice pops, frozen yogurt, and ice cream is just what we need! Enter SnöBar for the 21 and over crowd. I recently wrote about the new Neapolitan lounge … Continue reading

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