Stationery: Escort Cards and Place Cards

Escort cards and place cards are always used interchangeably and shouldn’t be. To avoid confusion when talking to your wedding planner, catering manager, and stationer, here’s a quick glossary of a few terms. Escort cards and place cards are used … Continue reading

Etsy Finds: For the Music Lover

I love this idea for the music lover. Arrange your guest names in alphabetical order. These can act as your escort cards. But to be sure you’re not left with an empty box at the end of the night, purchase … Continue reading

Wedding Favor Idea: Girl Scout Cookies

Who doesn’t like Girl Scout Cookies? Well, I do NOT have a sweettooth and a box of cookies will remain in my pantry untouched for months but Girl Scout Cookies are a totally different story. Last week, my friend asked … Continue reading

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