Wedding Word Wednesday: Buttercream

Buttercream:  A classic icing that can be used as filling and finishing cakes.  Most professional kitchens use a meringue-based buttercream, which gives it a silky texture.  It is best enjoyed at room temperature due to the high butter content (since … Continue reading

Wedding Word Wednesday: Fondant

Today’s word is Fondant:  A pliable, dough-like icing used to decorate wedding cakes.  It provides a smooth finish and is irreplaceable in creating the cleanest, most modern of looks.  Because of it’s consistency, fondant can be used to create edible … Continue reading

How To Freeze the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake

Some couples still follow the tradition of saving the top layer of their wedding cake to be enjoyed at their first year anniversary. If you would like to follow tradition, here’s the right way to do it. I asked pastry … Continue reading

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