A romantic blush pink wedding at Four Seasons Las Vegas

I always love hearing the stories of how couples get together and what it is that brought us to this day….their wedding day! Calais and David have had many ups and downs that brought them to where there are today and because of … Continue reading

SnöBar: Alcohol Infused Gourmet Ice Cream & Ice-Pops

With temperatures exceeding 110 degrees fahrenheit right now in Las Vegas, cooling off with ice pops, frozen yogurt, and ice cream is just what we need! Enter SnöBar for the 21 and over crowd. I recently wrote about the new Neapolitan lounge … Continue reading

Vendor Spotlight: Dress The Drink

Name: Cindy McClure Location: Las Vegas, NV Company Name: Dress The Drink Number of Years in Business: 1 year Website: www.dressthedrink.com How did the idea of Dress the Drink come about? With all the spirit brands on the market and … Continue reading

Dress the Drink!

I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy McClure at Dress the Drink yesterday and absolutely fell in love with their product! A signature cocktail for a wedding is a must in my opinion and Dress the Drink has really made … Continue reading

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