Eunie and Phillip’s Wedding at Historic 5th Street School

Our lovely Korean couple Eunie and Phillip were married on October 23rd at Historic 5th Street School.  Their day was filled with friends and family who traveled from many different places to be a part of their big day. Eunie … Continue reading

Levity Gourmet Marshmallows

Nostalgic treats are always a hit at weddings and other milestone celebrations.  Cupcakes have been popular the last few years at weddings and so have sliders and mini french fries in cones for example.  Sweet treats such as candy buffets … Continue reading

Wedding Favor Idea: Girl Scout Cookies

Who doesn’t like Girl Scout Cookies? Well, I do NOT have a sweettooth and a box of cookies will remain in my pantry untouched for months but Girl Scout Cookies are a totally different story. Last week, my friend asked … Continue reading

Delicious, Organic, Fair Trade Chocolate

Here I go talking about chocolate again… But this time, I’d like to introduce Theo Chocolate – the first and only organic and Fair Trade chocolate produced in the United States.  That is quite an accomplishment! With more and more … Continue reading

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